I'm in Malang, East Java, this night. There's a little thing i must do here tomorrow.
It's cold here, inside my aunt's house. And so is outside, i bet.

My aunt have three children, and all of them are boys.
The oldest is living in Yogyakarta, Central Java, and in the day after tomorrow, Friday, will be marry a woman from Purworejo, his classmate in college.
The second child is in 3rd grade of senior high school, and the youngest is in 1st grade senior high, too.

I will not talking about them, but me :D
Do you ever realize that when you are in the silence place, you will do more contemplation, or something like that?
No? May be only me? :)
Silence, strange place, long journey, on the road, alone, always make me thinking more deeply about my life.
Sound so "oh yeah?"
But yes, as an introvert woman, i get more energy in silence than in a crowd.
I think i'm socially healthy, but i prefer doing most things alone to being together with my friends.
I think i can do teamwork, but in some things, i like do by my self better than with others.
Errr... complicated to explain, actually :p

Okay, we'll talk about another thing.

Actually i just stuck in front of this laptop, don't know what to write, but i have to.
I need to practice writing in English because tomorrow i will do some "English things", include speaking and writing. I just a little bit confuse with any "tenses" -_-
So, i'm sorry for this random post, hihihi...

Tomorrow night, i will go to Yogyakarta, attend my cousin's wedding, by travel car, with my other cousin.
We will transit there, and Friday at 7am we will be going to Purworejo, about 2 hours from Yogyakarta.

Okay folks, wish me a very good luck for tomorrow and then.
Have a good night. Sleep tight. Sleep tight #you :)


  1. harus baca buku mengenai orang introvert... orang introvert itu cenderung pemikir...

    Biasanya diriku sebagai seorang introvert juga lebih suka tempat yang tenang.. Malang mungkin cukup tenang ya..

    Selamat buat saudaranya yang mau nikah....

    1. ekstrovert juga banyak yang pemikir juga sih mas :)
      iyaaa... tapi aku ke Malang bukan semata-mata untuk mecari ketenangan kok, tapi emang ada perlu, heuheu

      makasih mas Applaus :)

  2. Tumben pake bahasa Inggris?
    hehehe :P

    1. pernah juga kok pake bahasa inggris, di tulisan berjudul "Stalker" dan "Memory of SPMB 2005" (walau mungkin acakadul), hahaha