I'm in Malang, East Java, this night. There's a little thing i must do here tomorrow.
It's cold here, inside my aunt's house. And so is outside, i bet.

My aunt have three children, and all of them are boys.
The oldest is living in Yogyakarta, Central Java, and in the day after tomorrow, Friday, will be marry a woman from Purworejo, his classmate in college.
The second child is in 3rd grade of senior high school, and the youngest is in 1st grade senior high, too.

I will not talking about them, but me :D
Do you ever realize that when you are in the silence place, you will do more contemplation, or something like that?
No? May be only me? :)
Silence, strange place, long journey, on the road, alone, always make me thinking more deeply about my life.
Sound so "oh yeah?"
But yes, as an introvert woman, i get more energy in silence than in a crowd.
I think i'm socially healthy, but i prefer doing most things alone to being together with my friends.
I think i can do teamwork, but in some things, i like do by my self better than with others.
Errr... complicated to explain, actually :p