Sometimes I just believe that "STALKER" is my middle name.

Some people could be very surprised that I know something they never told me before. I admit that technology make it happen. There are so many blogs, social medias, websites, and another else that provide unlimited sources of information. Yeah, everything is limited actually. I think I'm not really want to know about I don't want to really know :) So, I only stalking something or someone I curious so much, in any reasons (I don't have to tell you what :p)

Is it good... or bad...? It depend on how I use those informations, and for what. Am I only need to know, or I investigating (ouch!), or I spy-ing (what?!). Whatever... :) So, don't write anything on the internet if you don't want me to found out who you really are *over-confidence-of-capability-but-actually-know-nothing*

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  1. hahahaha, dengan internet kita memang bisa tahu siap saja dan apa saja yang mau di ketahui.

    kalau diriku mau interview atau apapun juga, selalu check dulu di internet.. supaya ada bahan untuk tanya tanya...

    1. you do, mas? HRD sejati nih :))
      yak betul, selama masih ada internet, hampir apapun bisa dicari ya...

  2. Stalker, klo denger kata ini yang kebayang tuh orang jahat gtu,, semacam penculik, secret admirer tingkat kebablasan :D dan mesum heueuheuhe

    1. lah, kok jadinya ada mesumnya? -_-"
      kalau "secret admirer tingkat kebablasan" sih masih okelah dibilang begitu. Itu cuma salah 1 contohnya #ups